All Pie No Tri Swim Club

Here in the Lake District we are blessed not just with beautiful lakes and mountains, but with pies. Pies with rich buttery crusts and filled with all manner of savoury goodness. Pies that you remember long after you have finished licking the last crumb from your cheek. A substantial pie is favoured over cake as the post-swim food of choice for me and my good friend Ali and many of our swimmy companions. If we are going for a swim then we will almost certainly have a Thomason's pie tucked into the top of our backpacks.


The name was thought up after many, many enquiries regarding our reasons for swimming outdoors. Most people most assumed that we were training for a triathalon, the implication being that we couldn't possibly be swimming in cold water because we liked it. Well we do like it. We love it!  And we love pies too! 

Club rules are straightforward:

  1. Club swim caps are issued for outdoor use only

  2. We are not anti-cake, but it should not be eaten on club duty

  3. Pies must be savoury not sweet

  4. Vegetarian, Vegan, and gluten free pies are welcome

  5. Sausage rolls and pasties are accepted

  6. Casseroles with a pastry lid are definitely not

  7. All bets are off during December - it's mince pie season after all! 

Providing you are happy to abide by these rules, please make your way to my shop where purchase of a swim cap completes your application to the club.