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Wild Swimming and Yoga
with Suzanna and Amy

Think yoga retreats are for bendy people who take themselves very seriously? Think again! Our swim yoga retreats are fun and informal, with plenty of cake and maybe even a trip to the pub.  Amy and I specialise in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can give as much or as little of yourselves as you like.

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Amy leads the yoga and relaxation session on our retreat days.

The lack of body representation and inclusivity in regular yoga classes quickly became apparent to Amy, and she decided to dedicate herself to her practise and study Yoga in India, here gaining her 200hr teacher training qualification. Over the years, Amy has studied with groundbreaking yoga teachers who advocate for accessible yoga and inclusivity whilst also gaining qualifications in Yin, Yoga for trauma and Yoga Nidra.


Our yoga sessions are gentle, beginning with a grounding element where we explore some breathing practices, giving ourselves some time to arrive and settle into the day ahead, then we begin to move slowly and mindfully, all lead with guidance from Amy and with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the postures, you can decide what feels good and right for you. Rest is always an option and is encouraged throughout the yoga session.

Amy is a qualified open water lifeguard, with many mountain miles under her belt to support and encourage participants in all areas of our retreats.



Suzanna (that's me back left) leads our swimming. An outdoor swim guide and coach with over ten years experience, I have worked provisionally for 7 years leading groups and individuals on swim adventures across the Lake District. I specialise in women's groups and enjoy the unique and supportive dynamic that these groups bring. I promote swimming at your own pace and style and am a passionate proponent of breaststroke swimming. On my swims you won't be asked to put your head down and swim a set course or distance, we go for smiles not miles!


Who we are

We know how it feels to be the largest or slowest person in a group, but recognise that this is not a barrier to enjoyment. Our inclusive retreats provide a welcoming space to practise at your own pace and to enjoy the great outdoors in a relaxed fashion. We favour non-competitive and enjoyable activity.

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