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Changing Tube
  • Changing Tube


    "The fleece Changing Tube covers the torso and has an elastic band at the top. For added security there is a draw string, so it won't fall down while you get changed quickly after your cold water swim. 


    The Changing Tube idea emerged after struggling to get changed after a chilly swim. Marvelling at my companion getting changed quickly, it came to light that her trick was a boob tube. The problem was, as a large-breasted lady, finding a decent boob tube for the job proved difficult and the boob tubes out there were fit only for summer. I wanted something for the winter that helped combat after-drop symptoms as soon as I got it on. So I had a prototype of a fleece-changing tube made.


    After an initial 'dab down' getting all the excess water off I shimmy the changing tube up over my hips, under my towel robe, with knickers and trousers following. Then I'm able to take my towel robe off and get my other top layers on without fighting around for possible arm holes, because I can see what I'm doing! In the past, I have fought with my towel robe and as a result, got cold and suffered the affects of after-drop. 


    In the winter months, I tend to leave my changing tube on so the insulating process isn't interrupted. I've been using the Changing Tube prototype for over a year now throughout the seasons. 


    I'm so happy to bring it to the wider swimming community with an introductory offer of 10% off for the rest of 2022. January 1st 2023, the price will be £39.


    Thank you and happy cosy changing! 

    Jenny x"




    Length 56cm

    Width 60cm

    Equivalent to size 20/22



    Length 56cm

    Width 55cm

    Equivalent to size 16/18



    Length 56cm

    Width 50 cm

    Equivalent to size 12/14

    Size and colour
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